Our services

From simple front door deliver to the full “White Glove” experience. We offer a full range of personalised delivery services. We can reliably deliver your customer’s purchases directly to any UK address, no matter what the size, weight or shape. Our aim is to provide the most trustworthy and dependable service for your customers. All of our customers have access to a bespoke IT integration for inward and outward communications. This allows you full transparency of our operation and processes which also gives you a customised integration to streamline your own operations. Here is just a selection of the services we can offer you. For more information please contact us on 01902504224.

Delivery day direct contact

On the day of delivery we can provide you and your customers with a contact name and number for the delivery crew. The crew will always proactively keep your customer informed of an anticipated delivery time window but they can also call our crew if they need to pop out so we don’t miss each other

Room of choice

Wherever the room, we will take the item to the room your customers choose. We will wear overshoes and white gloves to protect your customers home and your products We will check the route first and point out any likely hazards or challenges to limit the possibility of damage

Unpacking / Assembly

We always recommend full unpacking at the time of the delivery so that your customer can inspect the item and any issues can be resolved whilst the delivery crew are at the premises saving on future collection costs. We will also remove all the packaging material and recycle (anything that can be recycled) back at the depot We can do simple assembly at the time of delivery like attaching tops / legs etc. We can also schedule a longer visit if there is a need for a more time consuming assembly process.

Extra Services

We have a whole range of extra services for you to choose from depending on how you want to position the delivery to your customers. We can offer a weekend delivery, Time specific delivery, dedicated delivery (good PR for VIPs). If an item is particularly heavy we can even arrange for 3 and 4 men crews.